Ransomware Protection and the Corporate Landscape

Data Recovery Technology

Despite numerous warnings from cybersecurity pundits, several organizations that heavily rely on data in their operations still continue to be victims of ransomware. Therefore, in case of an attack, unprotected organizations risk losing access to critical electronic data/files thereby putting the entire business at risk. To confidently stay protected from ransomware attacks and continue accessing critical data, organizations should consider implementing the following best practices.

  1. Develop an Effective organizational Information Security policy

For organizations that are new to information security, they require a solid information security policy that can guide all the activities surrounding organizational data and information. This information policy should cover among other areas where the critical information resides, the inventory systems, assess the risk of ransomware attack, develop a simple-to-use policy & workflow automation, monitor the effectiveness of this policy, and educate all users on matters information security including the potential of a random attack or other attacks occurring.

  1. Protect Data Using Technology Best Practices

With the ever-increasing number of threats to accessing critical information in the organization, it is important for an organization to understand the importance of investing in employee education and cybersecurity. The first step towards providing effective security to critical data in any organization starts with implementing good network security followed by implementing effective technology best practices. Here are a few technology strategies that can help eliminate a potential for ransomware attack infection.

Detect and prevent infection and attack before it occurs

Use external computer emergency response teams (CERT) groups.

Maintain a “GOLD” systems and configurations image

Implement a comprehensive backup strategy

Monitor the comprehensive backup strategy’s effectiveness

Educate users to secure their endpoints.

  1. Employing Effective Data Backup Strategies

In almost all cases, a ransomware attack occurs progressively. It is, therefore, important maintaining a persistent copy of the critical data in various locations as part of the disaster recovery strategy. Some of these copies of data should reside outside the backed up system. Among the best practices, organizations can implement is backing up the data into the cloud.

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